Cryptocurrency wallet with security in mind.

Emerald is a desktop cryptocurrency wallet with support of Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) cryptocurrencies
Starting with the wallet, Emerald is building the decentralized network and commerce layer to help modern businesses compete in the era of decentralized finance.
Emerald Wallet
Cryptocurrency Wallet for Ethereum
Emerald is a non-custodial security focused cryptocurrency wallet and payment infrastructure built in a fault tolerant, unstoppable and decentralized way
Full Node
Automatically connects to a full node running on the local machine, or uses one of the remote nodes provided by Emerald.
ERC-20 Tokens
Supports major ERC-20 tokens out of the box, and a user can enable support for any ERC-20 compatible token in the Wallet by providing an address.
Hardware Wallet
Supports hardware wallets such as Ledger Nano to keep private keys most safely. It's recommended to use Ledger Nano X.
Secure Key Storage
Private keys are stored in a secure local vault, or in a hardware wallet. Private keys are encrypted and are not transferred to another node even when a remote node is used.
Light Node
When a full node is not feasible, it uses a secure endpoint provided by Emerald servers. All private keys are stored on a local machine.
Wallet, both Desktop and Command Line/Server versions, are compatible with major OSes and builds for Windows, macOS, and Linux are provided to download.
Supported Cryptocurrencies

Ethereum Classic
Lightning Network
(cryptocurrencies written with gray color are in the process of adding to the wallet)
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Emerald Products
Desktop Wallet
A full featured Desktop application with a user friendly interface to manage multiple accounts
Insights Analytics
Emerald Insights service, which is currently under development, helps to get details about blockchain performance, network and other metrics.
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Emerald Receipt
User friendly Block Explorer. Find the status of a transaction or balance of an address. Supports Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Tether, and Dai stablecoins.
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Our services
Emerald team has extensive experience with building distributed systems, protocols and previously led the development of one of the top 10 blockchains.
Expertise, Advisory & Research
We will work with you to determine how applying blockchain technologies can help your company. We can provide a short overview to help you explore possibilities, analyze possible ways to leverage the blockchain technology, and research solutions.
Architecture Review & Design
We will work closely with your technical team to help them deliver the right solution.
Build & Implementation
The Emerald team can develop a custom solution, integrate with blockchain, build a Proof of Concept or Prototype.
Open Blockchain
Emerald invests its time and resources to build Open Source tools for other developers and companies, to improve the infrastructure and empower others to build real businesses on blockchain.

All the Open projects and initiatives of the Emerald can be found on the GitHub page